What is Non-functional requirements

  • These define system properties and constraints e.g. reliability, response time and storage requirements. Constraints are I/O device capability, system representations, etc.
    i.e. Deactivate or delete record after 24 hrs
  • Process requirements may also be specified mandating a particular programming language or development method.
  • Non-functional requirements may be more critical than functional requirements. If these are not met, the system may be useless.

Types of Nonfunctional requirement

Product requirement: Examples
The MHC-PMS shall be available to all clinics during normal working hours (Mon–Fri, 0830–17.30). Downtime within normal working hours shall not exceed five seconds in any one day.

Organizational requirement: Examples
Users of the MHC-PMS system shall authenticate themselves using their health authority identity card.

External requirement: Examples
The system shall implement patient privacy.

Non-functional requirements implementation

  • Non-functional requirements may affect the overall architecture of a system rather than the individual components.
    • For example, to ensure that performance requirements are met, you may have to organize the system to minimize communications between components.

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