what is communication

Main Business Communication principles

Business communication is the communication between the people in the organization for the purpose of carrying out the business activities.

A business can flourish when all objectives of the organization are achieved effectively. For efficiency in an organization, all the people of the organization must be able to convey their message properly.

The exchange of ideas and understanding within and outside the organization to achieve the business goals is known as business communication.

Communication Skills Needed in Business

  • Speaking well
  • Writing well
  • Displaying proper etiquette (manners)
  • Listening attentively

The Basic Forms Of Communication

  • Nonverbal communication:
    • Facial
    • Gesture
    • Vocal characteristic
    • Personal appearance
    • Touching behavior
    • Use time and space
  • Verbal Communication:
    • speaking and writing
    • Listening and Reading


Why Business Needs to Communicate?

  • Communication is vital to every part of business.
Example for Employees:
- process information with computers,
- write messages,
- fill out forms,
- give and receive orders, and
- talk over the telephone.

Example for Executives:
- use written and oral messages to initiate business with customers and other companies and
- respond to incoming messages.

Oral communication is a major part of information flow.

Written communication:
- letters,
- email messages,
- memos
- reports, and
- internet documents.

Characteristics Of Effective Organizational Communication

  • An Open Communication Climate.
  • A Commitment to Ethical Communication.
  • An understanding of Intercultural Communication.
  • A Proficiency in Communication Technology.
  • An Efficient Flow of Communication Message.

Communication Network of the Organization

Two forms of network in an organization: 1) Formal. 2) Informal

Formal: The business has major, well-established channels of information flow. These are the formal channels – the main lines of operational communication (both internal and external). Specifically, the flow includes the:
- upward,
- horizontal (lateral), and
- downward movements of information by
- report,
- email,
- records and
- such within the organization.

It also includes:
- orders, instructions, and messages: down the authority structure;
- working information: through the organization’s email or intranet; and
- extremely directed messages: sales presentations, advertising, and publicity.

Informal:The informal network is a secondary network consisting primarily of personal communication. It comprises thousands of personal communications that support the formal communication network of a business. Informal network is not a single network but a smaller networks consisting of groups of people.

it carries much gossip and rumor, for this is the nature of human conversation. Wise managers recognize the presence of the grapevine. That is, they keep in touch with the grapevine and turn it into a constructive tool.

Communication Barriers between People:

  • Difference in perception.
  • Incorrect filtering.
  • Language problem.
  • Poor listening.
  • Different emotional states.
  • Different background.

Communication Barriers between Organization:

  • Information Overload
  • Inattention
  • Time pressure
  • Distraction/Noise
  • Emotions
  • Complexity of Organizational structure
  • Poor retention
  • Differing Status
  • Lack Of Trust
  • Inadequate communication structure
  • Incorrect Choice Of Medium
  • Closed communication Climate

How To Improve Communication skills

A Good Communicator should have these five traits:
  1. Perception.
  2. Precision.
  3. Credibility.
  4. Control.
  5. Congeniality.

Importance of Business Communication to you and for Business

  • High communication skill and leads high income.
  • Improving your commutation ability helps to improve your overall success.
  • Communication is vital to every part of business.
  • Different professional use communication as a tool to correspond with their colleagues, superiors and juniors.
  • Business managers use communication to contact their stakeholders.
  • Information is managed and exchanged thorough many oral, written and electronic form.


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