The People

The Stakeholders
  1. Senior manager – define business issues.
  2. Project (technical) manager – plan, motive, organize and control practitioners.
  3. Practitioners – deliver technical skill.
  4. Customers – specify the requirements.
  5. End user – directly interact with product.

Team Leaders
MOI Model of Leadership
  1. Motivation - The ability to encourage (by push or pull) technical people to produce to their best ability.
  2. Organization - The ability to mold exiting processes that will enable the initial concept to be translated into a final product.
  3. Ideas or innovation - The ability to encourage people to create and feel creativity
People Need Hierarchy

Characteristics of Team Leaders
  • Problem solving
    • Ability of diagnose the technical and organizational issues
    • Systematically structured solution or motivate practitioners to develop the solution
    • Apply lessons learned from past projects
  • Managerial Identity
    • Take responsibility of a assigned project
    • Must be confident
  • Achievement
    • Optimizing capability of productivity
  • Influence and team building
    • Able to “read” people
    • Able to understand verbal and nonverbal signals
    • Must remain under control in high-stress situations

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