Right balance of technical skills and personalities, and organizing that group so that the members work together effectively.

Personality Type

  • Task-oriented -
    • The motivation for doing the work is the work itself.
    • who are motivated by the intellectual challenge of software development.
  • Self-oriented -
    • Who are principally motivated by personal success and recognition.
    • They are interested in software development as a means of achieving their own goals.
    • Have longer-term goals, such as career progression, that motivate them and they wish to be successful in their work to help realize these goals.
  • Interaction oriented -
    • The principal motivation is the presence and actions of co-workers.
    • People go to work because they like to go to work.

Most software engineering is a group activity The development schedule for most non-trivial software projects is such that they cannot be completed by one person working alone. A good group is cohesive (solid) and has a team spirit. The people involved are motivated by the success of the group as well as by their own personal goals. Group interaction is a key determinant of group performance. Flexibility in group composition is limited Managers must do the best they can with available people

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