Class Diagram

  • The class diagram is a static diagram. It represents the static view of an application.Class diagram is not only used for visualizing, describing and documenting different aspects of a system but also for constructing executable code of the software application.
  • The class diagram describes the attributes and operations of a class.
  • The UML diagrams like activity diagram, sequence diagram can only give the sequence flow of the application but class diagram is a bit different. So it is the most popular UML diagram in the coder community.
  • So the purpose of the class diagram can be summarized as:
    • Analysis and design of the static view of an application.
    • Describe responsibilities of a system.
    • Base for component and deployment diagrams.
    • Forward and reverse engineering.

Identifying Analysis Classes From a System:

  • General classifications for a potential class
    • External entity (e.g., another system, a device, a person)
    • Thing (e.g., report, screen display)
    • Occurrence or event (e.g., movement, completion)
    • Role (e.g., manager, engineer, salesperson)
    • Organizational unit (e.g., division, group, team)
    • Place (e.g., manufacturing floor, loading dock)
    • Structure (e.g., sensor, vehicle, computer)

Classes Hierarchy :

Classes Hierarchy

Example of Class Box :

Class Box

Class Diagram Drawing :

Class Diagram

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