Steps of Requirement Engineering

  • Inception: define scope and nature
    •  How does a software project will started
    •  Define business plan
    • Identify breath and depth of market
    • Rough feasibility analysis
    • Identify working description
  • Elicitation: help customer to define what is required
    • Time to come out
    • Problem of scope
      • Boundary, avoid unnecessary technical details
    • Problem of understanding
      • Not sure about need
    • Problem of volatility
      • Requirement changing
  • Elaboration: basic requirements are found and modified
    • Inception and elicitation expanded and refined
    • It is analysis modeling action
    • Relationship and collaboration between classes are identified and generate use case diagram
  • Negotiation: priorities, what is essential, what is required to maintain –defined
    • Ahead to analysis
    • Cost estimation, delivery time, elimination - combination – modification of requirements
  • Specification: problems are specified
    • Written document
    • Set of graphical or mathematical model
    • Collection of scenario
    • Prototype of combination of these
  • Validation: customer concept and the software functional behaviors are same or not - defined
    • Examine all requirements are fulfilled and understood
    • Formal technical review

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