Modeling Principles for Software Project

Analysis Modelling Principles
  1. The information domain of a problem must be represented
  2. The functions that the software performs must be defined
  3. The behaviour of the software must be represented
  4. The models that depict information, function and behaviour must be partitioned is a manner that uncovers detail a layered or hierarchical fashion
  5. The analysis task should move from essential information toward implementation detail
Design Modelling Principles
  1. Design should be traceable to the analysis model
  2. Always consider the architecture of the system to be built
  3. Design of data is as important as design of processing functions
  4. Interface must be designed with care
  5. Component level design should be functionally independent
  6. Design representation should be easily understandable
  7. The design should be developed iteratively. With each iteration, the designer should strive for greater simplicity

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